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Hailing from Port Barre', Louisiana, Vikki McGee has established herself as a world-class musician, following in the footsteps of her famously talented Cajun ancestry and is deservedly obtaining numerous, prestigious accolades. There are several significant, prestigious and rarely personal situations which separate Vikki from the rest of the singer/songwriter/performers with whom she may be compared. One way her fans have shown their love for her is by having been chosen by the  Jonesboro, Arkansas Occasions Magazine's Readers' Choice awards as the "Best Musician" four times since 2012. Vikki has hand-picked a group of only the best of local talent as backing musicians. In recent years, that group has included her husband, Sonny Campbell on bass, Tony Spinner and Matt Pierce on guitar and when available, her son Jacob Brumley on drums. As her career evolves into the next phase of artistic development, Vikki continues to garner critical acclaim from the media and fans alike.

Already a part of an historic musical lineage, Vikki is the great-granddaughter of Cajun Music Royalty, Dennis McGee (01-26-1893 / 10-03-1989).Dennis McGee is a legend and commonly regarded as the most influential Cajun fiddle player of all time! Among the first musicians to record Cajun music in the 1920's, he continued to perform at festivals and various nightclub and college campus circuits until shortly before his death at age ninety-six (96). In the late 1980's the Univ. of Southwestern Louisiana (now the University of Louisiana at Lafayette) named McGee an Honorary Dean of Cajun Music. Another performer of world reknown in Vikki's genetically talented ancestry is Dennis' son Gerry McGee. He is a member of the Rock-and-Roll Hall of Fame and continues to please crowds with his immense talent. Vikki is quite obviously cut from the same cloth as Dennis and Gerry and her generous and highly-regarded talents are readily apparent to anyone fortunate enough to catch her perform live or to have collected her CDs. For those of you without the possibility of attending Vikki's live shows, there are numerous and sundry YouTube videos spanning half a decade with Vikki performing in a diverse combination of venues and a wide variety of musical combinations from performing solo to being spotlighted singing with the Delta Symphony Orchestra at the Fowler Center at Arkansas State University. To stay aware of Vikki's performance schedule along with new CD release information and delightful stories from her rapidly evolving rise to the top, read her blog, subscribe to her monthly newsletter and follow her on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram. She loves to share her musical life on and ofstage with her fans on social media.

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